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Karen Alexis Williams

is the Founder and President of Chef K Inc.


Ms. Williams, hales from the parish of Trelawny, Jamaica West Indies. The fifth of eleven children of an extremely poor family in the countryside. While she was a go-getter, earning the title of the local high school Home Coming Queen (1982-1984), and the parish Agricultural Farm Queen (1987). She was also the founder of the Trelawny Environmental Protection Association (TEPA). Ms. Williams also worked for the local sugar and rum manufacturer (Hampden Estates Ltd) as an administrative staff. Before she left Jamaica, she also ran a carwash, restaurant, and bar.

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Chef K Inc. : Mission Statement

Chef K mission is to tackle the changes and expectations of the consumers in the food and beverage industry, by creating a Safe, Health and Tasty product. And by Establishing a dominant Market share in the health and wellness Food and beverage market, by using natural ingredients, with the Slogan, “Just the way we brew it’’, organically grown and applying innovative manufacturing techniques to extract all nutrients to aide in the prevention of illness that one may have now, or want to prevent in the future. Chef K is introducing recipes of natural drinks from the earth.

Chef K Inc. : Our Vision

Our vision is to create a product line of foods and Beverages for customers who are now eating and drinking to take care of a specific type of problem they may have now or want to prevent in the future.

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