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How are you, my name is Karen Williams, and I am the CEO and proud owner of Chef K, Inc. I would like to introduce my beverage products  to you.

Chef K, Inc, is registered in New York State since 2009. Chef K, Inc is now located in Waterbury CT.

Chef K Sorrel Drink, Ginger Punches and Jams are Healthy products made from a Flower from the Hibiscus Family of plants, Ginger and Turmeric . Sorrel otherwise known as Bisap, De Bleni, Karkade, Roselle, Flor de Jamaica... is grown in Tropical Regions, basically most immigrants from Mexico, the Caribbean, Middle East, China, African, South American and the Middle & Far  East Asia and their offspring knows about Sorrel Drink and they relish in the refreshing and best tasting Sorrel Drink right now, from Chef K. Since we presented Sorrel ten years ago, we brought in  Ginger Punch with Fresh TURMERIC nearly  six years later. We could say just in time to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Our Turmeric drink is make with only fresh turmeric root and fresh ginger. Turmeric and Ginger builds the Immune System, and is our leading seller at this time. We have this in 16oz - 24 pieces in PET bottles and Glass bottles,  64oz - 9 pieces PET plastic bottles and they are SHELF STABLE for up to two years.

Don't forget we have no Preservatives, Alcohol or Additives.
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